Senior Management

Senior Management

Our management team has over two decades of experience in steel trading and is committed to providing you with the best products, at the best value, in a professional and efficient manner.

The company is headed by Managing Director Asim Ghayoor, with the assistance of Directors Misbahul and Raed Siddiqui, and sales and purchases are overseen by Chief Manager M. J. Jacob.

Asim Ghayoor Siddiqui – Managing Director

Asim Ghayoor has over 15 years of experience managing the family business. As Managing Director, he devises corporate strategy, oversees operational processes and directs AGE Group’s senior management efforts.

Since becoming Managing Director in 2002, his extensive banking background has greatly assisted him in managing the flow of the company’s steel trade, and AGE Group has since seen a 10-fold growth in the company’s business activities.

Asim attributes AGE Group’s long-term success to his mentor, his late father Ghayoor Siddiqui, and the company philosophy, which is based on the cultivation of a proactive workforce culture.

Misbahul Hassan Siddiqui – Director

Misbahul Hassan Siddiqui, one of the founders of AGE Group, has over 37 years’ experience in the building materials and structural steel trade. In his role as Director, he partners with the company’s executive management team to oversee operations.

Misbah Siddiqui started his career as an entrepreneur in 1974 when he co-founded AGE in Dammam, Saudi Arabia with his brother, Ghayoor. The company soon grew from a small partnership concern to a thriving multi-level enterprise that employed 150 people and had an annual turnover exceeding USD 40 million.

Raed Siddiqui – Director

Raed Siddiqui has over seven years of organizational management experience at AGE Group. In his role as Director, he oversees day-to-day operations, purchases, sales and collections, and business process improvements.

His expertise lies in client servicing and increasing organizational efficiency by means of weekly meetings with company staff. His focus is managing day-to-day operations to ensure the systematic implementation of up-to-date and streamlined procedures.

M. J. Jacob – General Manager

M. J. Jacob has 30 years of financial experience working in the steel trade industry. As Chief Manager and Head of Purchase & Sales, he ensures effective and efficient sales, purchase and inventory controls across the AGE Group portfolio.

He began his career working in sales, and joined AGE Intrade in 1980 as an accountant. After two years, he transferred to the sales department, where his sales expertise quickly earned him a promotion to chief manger. He attributes his success at AGE Group to the company’s positive work culture and performance appraisal system.