Al Azman Steel Galvanization Company - Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Al Azman Steel Galvanization Company

Al Azman Steel Galvanization Company is based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and serves the entire KSA market with effective solutions to harsh environmental factors that cause rusting and corrosion. Specializing in galvanizing steel using a state-of-the-art, ‘hot-dip’, galvanizing process, Al Azman Steel Galvanization Company provides strong and cost-effective protection for most kinds of steel products.

Galvanized steel has many important benefits and advantages over other methods, from durability, cost and availability to safety, sustainability and decreased environmental impact. With an experienced team and an established quality control process, Al Azman Steel Galvanization Company is the right galvanizing partner in the Kingdom.

Our high quality and cost effective galvanizing service follows a three-stage hot dip process – pre-treatment, galvanizing and inspection – to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards in the industry. Our galvanizing kettle’s large size – 13 meters long by 1.6 meters wide by 2.3 meters deep – allows us to galvanize your large objects in a single dip. All the steel processed at our plant meet or exceed the highest international galvanizing standards, including:

American: ASTM, A123 & A153/A153M
British: BS729, BS/EN/ISO 1461
Australian: AS1214, AS/NZS 4680
Japanese: JIS H8641 and 9124
German: DIN50976